Selling Solar in an Elevator

You all know what we’re talking about here. Every sales book in the world tells you that if you can’t explain what you do in the time that it takes to make an elevator ride, then you are not going to get the sale. Well, boys and girls, we come from Chicago and that means you have exactly three minutes and thirty seconds (Willis Tower bottom to top without any stops) to make your pitch. Most speakers say 120 words/minute so that would give us 420 words to make our pitch. We can do it in ten … and here they are:

Put solar on your house because it costs less … really.

That ought to be short enough for even a one story elevator here in the Valley … and the best part is that it’s true … really. You can fiddle the numbers a hundred different ways and make any assumptions you like about costs and future rate hikes or interest rates. Pick any tax bracket you like or any cost for the system. Play it any way you want and guess what:

Put solar on your house because it costs less … really.

So, if this is true (and it is), why isn’t everyone putting solar on their houses? The short answer is, “We’re getting there.” It takes time to do a million houses and the solar biz (as it’s presently made up) is just under five years old. Give us some time and we’ll get them all. In the mean time, the cost of regular power company electricity here in the Valley is still low enough for some folks that they don’t mind wasting their money … and they haven’t ridden an elevator with any of us or asked for the pitch. If they did, we’d tell them:

Put solar on your house because it costs less … really.

Now, that gasoline is going through the roof and a trip to the filling station can cost $75 or more, we might be hearing from even those folks that never worried too much about the cost of electricity. Then, either we’ll need one more floor in that elevator ride or we’ll have to talk just a little quicker, because we might need twenty words that go something like this:

Put solar on your house because it costs less … and you’ll be able to run your car for free … really.


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