Don’t Get Down (#360)

 Don’t Get Down (#360)

This isn't really an Arizona storm.

Big news! A storm is coming through the Valley later this week and the temps will drop 25° or more! Oh my! When we wake up on Saturday morning, it could be in the low 70’s. How will we survive?

Big storm? Chances of rain? Zero!

Gotta’ love the weather in the Valley. For an old Chicago engineer, it never gets boring. Storms without rain … major temperature drops that end up in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s nutty around here and if you are in other parts of the world when you read this (and we are picked up in over 100 countries), then you can chuckle along with us. This is a goofy … and very sunny place …

… except things are changing. Something is happening to our sunshine that we cannot control. Climate change is not the concern. Clouds are not the concern. Trees and shade are not the concern. The concern is that we are loosing sunlight everyday and there is nothing we can do about it. Who do we call about this?

No one … get over it. There is nothing anyone can do. The days are getting shorter and that’s that. It’s just the way the Sun and the Earth are built. You may have noticed that winter days are shorter than summer days. If you think about it, the length of the days changes everyday. They get longer from December 21st through June 21st and then reverse that from June to December … and now we are loosing 2 minutes a day … that’s hour a month! If something isn’t done about this, pretty soon it will be dark all day!

This isn't an Arizona aurora night, either.

Of course, this is exactly what does happen at the North and South Poles … but not here in the desert (or any where else in the US except for the northern parts of Alaska). Fortunately, come December 21st, this terrible state of affairs will stop and the days will get longer once again. Thank goodness … because this day shortening thing is simply not acceptable.

By our calculations, this Sun-up-Sun-down day length problem is costing SkyPower customers something on the order of two cents a day. The thing is that it’s cumulative, so that it’s 2¢ today, and four cents tomorrow and 6¢ the day after that. After a month, the total is a lot … upwards of $10 or more. Figure this year after year and it actually amounts to a fairly substantial amount.

However, come December things turn around and you start to GET all this money back. Yea! The Sun taketh away and then it givith … like clockwork. You can count on it and in fact the ancients did. All over the world, there are Sun Clocks like Stonehenge that track this movement. It turns out that solar customers here in the Valley of the Sun do it, too.

So don’t get down as you watch your solar collectors give you a little less with each passing day. It won’t be long before it turns around and when that happens around here, the temps clime back towards 120° and we dream of cooler days. You can’t have everything.


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